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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia Map

Population: 28,686,633, including 5,576,076 non-nationals (July 2009 est.)

Government: monarchy; Chief of State and Head of Government: King and Prime Minister Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (since Aug. 1. 2005)

Economic Overview

School of Education


John C. Weidman

Professor of education and sociology
Chair, Department of Administrative and Policy Studies
School of Education
office: 412-648-1772
cell: 412-680-1684
Faculty bio

For assistance in reaching this Pitt faculty member, contact Patricia Lomando White
office: 412-624-9101
cell: 412-215-9932

Areas of expertise

Comparative higher-education reform; postsecondary education and development; higher- education policy; quality assurance and accreditation in higher education

Weidman was educated at Princeton University and the University of Chicago. He has written extensively on higher-education reform in countries undergoing the transition from command to market economies. He has worked as a consultant on higher-education reform in Saudi Arabia, focusing on access and equity, and was an invited participant in a conference on future trends in higher education in Saudi Arabia. In June 2009, he worked with two University of Pittsburgh colleagues to present a weeklong professional development program in higher-education quality assurance for 22 faculty and administrators from Taibah University.

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs


Donald Goldstein

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs;
Interim director,
Pitt’s Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies
office: 412-648-1026
cell: 412-417-9812
Faculty Bio

For assistance in reaching the faculty member, contact
Amanda Leff
office: 412-624-4238
cell: 412-337-3350

Areas of Expertise

The Middle East, foreign policy, military history, World War II and the Korean conflict, air warfare, arms control, national security, history of the U.S. military, and Pearl Harbor


Donald Goldstein is one of the nation's foremost experts on military history, particularly World War II and the Korean conflict. He also can discuss public administration, political science, arms control, and national interest and national security with regard to the Middle East.

Goldstein is a leading expert on Pearl Harbor and is the author or coauthor of 25 books, including two best sellers, At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor (McGraw-Hill, 1981) and Miracle at Midway (McGraw-Hill, 1983), as well as D-Day Normandy: The Story and the Photographs (Potomac Books, 1999). He is regularly cited in national publications and has appeared in television documentaries about military history and warfare, most often in regard to Pearl Harbor. Goldstein also was integral in writing and directing the History Channel's specials on Amelia Earhart, the Korean War, and World War II.