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University of Pittsburgh
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The G-20 Summit's Impact on Campus

Pittsburgh Welcomes the World

On Sept. 24 and 25, 2009, Pittsburgh is hosting the G-20 economic summit, a meeting of world leaders, finance ministers, and central bank governors from 20 of the world's largest economies; the summit also includes leaders from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. U.S. President Barack Obama will chair the summit.

Port Authority Announces Changes for Bus and T Routes Serving Downtown

During the G-20 Summit, Port Authority of Allegheny County transit service will operate on a regular weekday schedule and, outside of Downtown, generally will operate as it would on any other day. However, all routes that serve Downtown will change as they enter the Golden Triangle area. The T will reach First Avenue Station but all other T stations Downtown will be closed. Bus routes will funnel into Downtown using different bridges and roads to avoid the security zone around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Most bus routes will use or connect to the Boulevard of the Allies corridor. Visit the Port Authority site for the latest information on route changes and park-and-ride facilities.

Student Safety Tips

Because the G-20 may attract many visitors unfamiliar with Oakland, some of whom may choose not to obey our laws and regulations, you should use caution during your travels throughout the week. While our Pitt Police Department and many other agencies will enforce the laws, and strive to ensure your safety, you can help as well. Here are some tips:
• Carry your Pitt ID at all times.
• Keep your belongings secure, and always lock your room, car, and bicycle.
• Travel with friends, and never walk alone at night.
• Treat others, including police officers, with respect.
• Avoid angry or obviously violent individuals.
• If you find yourself in a "mob," find a safe spot and remain calm; text friends to let them know where you are.
• If you are in a dangerous situation, contact police when on campus at 412-624- 2121 (add this number to your speed dial). Off campus, dial 911.
• Follow the direction of police officers and University officials.
Enroll in the ENS system to be advised of dangerous situations on campus.
• Stay up to date on road and travel restrictions through the Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety Web site.
• Read Pitt's G-20 Summit Student Reminder (PDF).

Pitt and the G-20 Summit

During the G-20 Summit, the University of Pittsburgh expects to maintain operations as close to normal as possible. It's likely, though, that some modifications to customary routines will be necessary, both institutionally and individually. Some transportation routes, particularly those passing through the Downtown area, will be affected at various times during the summit. Airport operations also likely will be affected.

Most official summit activities will take place in the Downtown area, some distance from campus; this should make the Pitt community's practical challenges more manageable. The one exception is the heads-of-state dinner on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 24, at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Please keep in mind that, for the University community, any inconveniences that may result from Pittsburgh’s selection as the summit’s host won't offset the many benefits for our campus and our region. The leaders of many of the world’s most important countries are traveling here to discuss issues of global importance, making our home region a center of international attention and leading, potentially, to increased partnerships and economic opportunities.

The staging of the summit in Pittsburgh has particular significance for Pitt—with a mission that includes preparing students for a rapidly changing world and with our rich traditions in international education and research. Without question, we welcome the opportunities this event offers. And we'll navigate the short-term inconveniences.