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University of Pittsburgh
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Community Outreach

Pitt’s Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC)


For the past decade, this center has been at the core of a number of revitalization projects in Pitt’s adjacent neighborhoods. Funded by the Pitt and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, COPC plays a leading role in mobilizing university faculty, students and staff through applied research, service-learning courses, and internships—efforts that connect Pitt’s teaching and research to its public service mission in ways that mutually benefit the campus and communities. By working with such community-partner identified issues as housing, public safety, commercial or workforce development, and fitness and wellness, COPC can be credited with helping to strengthen the fabric of Oakland, Hazelwood, and Oak Hill.


Tracy Soska, COPC codirector—412-624-3711 (office), 412-580-2317 (cell),

Pitt News Representative Sharon Blake—412-624-4364 (office), 412-277-6926 (cell),